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Whether your company is large or small, or somewhere between, if you depend on Web traffic to sell or for marketing, you should learn to master the art of search engine optimization (SEO) or hire SEO expert. SEO professionals of SEO Moz, High Rankings, and Raven Internet Marketing Tools offer the following 10 tips to help you choose the best SEO expert.

The website of your company may appear fantastic and have plenty of flashy multimedia. However, if your website isn’t consistently drawing in targeted customers and turning them to clients, then it’s probably not performing its job. It could result in adverse effects on revenues.

It’s probably the right time to engage the services of a search engine optimization (SEO) expert regardless of whether you are an employee, a private consultant, or even an SEO consulting company. An experienced, qualified SEO expert evaluates your website and asks questions about your company’s objectives and visitors’ expectations, and recommends ways to increase your rankings on search engines and page views.

An SEO specialist might suggest may be quite simple, such as revising the HTML title tags to fix problems with the structure that stop robots indexing and crawling your website and obtaining high-quality links from external, relevant web pages.

Three experts were asked by us what they would be looking for when you hire SEO expert.

Top 5 things to be looking for in SEO Expert

1 – Years of Experience to be SEO expert

“Anyone could set up an ‘SEO agency’ in a matter of minutes and claim themselves an SEO expert,” says Jill Whalen, the director of High Rankings. “But it doesn’t mean they’re experts at the right thing to do. Many small aspects make up the larger picture of SEO, and it takes years of experience in observing the best practices and what doesn’t achieve a high level of success.”

Whalen says that each website has different SEO strategies to achieve success. “An SEO expert with many years of experience can take a look at any site and understand precisely what must be done to get more web traffic. Whereas an individual who is new to SEO will be attempting the same strategies on every website, which can only have a small effect, if at all,” Whalen adds.

2 – Understanding the 3 levels of SEO(On-page, Off Page and Technical SEO)

“You do not want a single-sided SEO strategy,” claims Taylor Pratt, vice president of product marketing at Raven’s internet marketing tools. “You need someone to take a look at their strategy from three angles to ensure success.”

3 – Marketing Savvy

“Once you have gotten past the technical aspects of a site, SEO is a lot similar to traditional marketing,” Whalen adds. “Content must write in a manner that highlights the value to the user while also leading users to make a purchase. It must be done in a proper manner that is appealing to people on the other side of the search results, who are searching for the products and services that your company can provide.”

4 – Proven Track Record of SEO success

It’s not difficult to talk about SEO. It’s a game that’s fun, according to Whalen. “There are a lot of blog articles and posts on different SEO techniques one can employ. It’s a different matter to get satisfied customers. Anyone who is considering hiring the services of an SEO consultant or company must make sure they look at least three current references and discuss how the SEO firm helped them achieve their goals.”

5 – Capability to fit into Your Company’s work culture

SEO professionals must work with various areas of an organization, including marketing, IT analytics, customer service and sales. The ability of an SEO to collaborate effectively with these teams is crucial, as noted by Fishkin. “The character, integrity, and style of communication of the SEO must be in line with the team, or else progress isn’t easy,” he says. hire an SEO expert to boost your website rank on search engine results pages.

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